Jennifer Fawcett


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In this On the Fly interview, Iowa City theater luminary Bruce Wheaton interviews playwright Jennifer Fawcett.

Fawcett is a graduate of the Iowa Playwrights Workshop and a founding member of Iowa City’s Working Group Theater. In her conversation with Wheaton, Fawcett talks about the rewards of writing and performing her own work.

“Writing something that people respond to, it’s an incredibly rich feeling,” Fawcett says. “And I think if you are then actually turning around and performing that, that’s a very unique experience. If I’m writing a book, I’m not there when somebody’s reading it.”

Fawcett also talks about Working Group Theatre—“We all have a love of, I think, the big epic story, but housed in a poor theater aesthetic.”—her play Atlas of Mud, and who she might nominate for a playwrights’ hall of fame, a list that includes fellow Iowa grad Naomi Wallace.